Thursday, February 1, 2007

Purple Spectacles.

I usually draw onto tracing paper as it works well when transering the drawing onto watercolor paper. Here's my sketch ready to be transfered using Saral graphite transfer paper.

Skin tones and underpainting of irises.

Eyes, lashes and brows finished.

Hair finished. Starting underpainting on frames.

Purple Spectacles - 5" x 2"

Purple Spectacles on Hot Pressed Paper
I wanted to re-do this using Hot Pressed Paper. It forces you to loosen up a bit as it's nearly impossible to get a smooth wash on such smooth paper. I've only used Hot Pressed paper a couple of times. You can get some really nice effects with it. However, I still very much prefer Cold Pressed.


mike said...

I like the "smooth" piece I really like this illustration. Makes me curious to see the rest of the picture or person behind the glasses....

Michelle Smith said...

Thanks for your comments, Mike. Your illustrations are great!

Bronwyn, said...

This is the painting which attracted me to your blog, Michelle - your profile picture.