Saturday, February 20, 2010

Final, W.I.P Magnolia in Crystal

"Spring Preview", 18" x 24", Transparent Watercolor
Ahhhhh, it's finished! This was only the second time I have attempted painting white flowers and the first time was a disaster. White is relative. There was actually no stark white left on the flower in the painting; everything had at least a hint of pink. The flower itself was white on the inside and purple on the outside, so it cast a lot of pink. I thought the crystal would be the hardest portion of this painting, but it turned out to be the flower and the shadow instead.


thewillowsnest said...

ummm. I think I have no words... I was just showing my husband and older son your work.. they were like... wow!!

This flower is sooo..oo perfect and I am just blown away with the crystal.. you must be so happy with this!!

I am just so glad to have met you before you are far too famous to reply to people's comments!! hehe
( I appreciated your encouragement!)

Michelle Smith said...

You're too kind, Helen. Thank you.

Costescu said...

love the composition and color choices for the background, makes the "white" flower pop beautifully yet still so soft, very nice :)

JRonson said...

The color is just mangific :)